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Tomato Skins to Storage Bins: Ford Gives Us a Lesson in Unlikely Partnerships

Several years ago, we wrote about the flea market principle of sustainability, where one company’s trash becomes another company’s treasure.  When we worked at Kraft Foods, we saw this principle first-hand, with an enormous amount of their waste, especially food waste and cardboard, being reused by partner organizations, often with financial benefit to Kraft. It’s […]

Emerging Sustainability Metrics – Water Footprinting

We all know that water is one of the fundamental requirements for life, but increasingly, industry is realizing that water is also one of the fundamental requirements for staying in business. According to a report by the 2030 Water Resources Group, global water requirements in 20 years will be “a full 40% above the current […]

Sustainable Manufacturing: The New Competitive Advantage

One of the fastest growing areas of interest in the field of sustainability is sustainable manufacturing. Let’s look at what sustainable manufacturing is, how it can reduce costs and improve your competitive advantage. As manufacturers have developed an increased awareness of the limits of natural resources, they have begun to realize that if they inefficiently […]

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