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Why the Obvious Solution Isn’t Always the Best When It Comes to Sustainability

Recently an article appeared in The Morning Call that seemed surprising and a bit disheartening.  The Wegmans supermarket located in Allentown, PA, has opened a new Market Café with seating capacity for 240 that allows recycling of cups but not of the utensils and the plastic clamshells in which the food is packaged.  In fact, […]

Green Performance Strategies Featured on the Cover of Lehigh Valley Business

Green Performance Strategies, the joint venture of iSpring and Compass Point that focuses on sustainability metrics, performance and reporting, is featured on the front page of this week’s Lehigh Valley Business. The article highlights the growing importance of measuring all three capital components of a business–financial, human and natural–and using those metrics to drive performance […]

Will You Succed at Sustainability?

What characteristics make a company more likely to succeed in becoming sustainable and savings money? We were recently posed this interesting question, and we thought we’d explore it in more depth in this month’s Buzz. There are numerous characteristics, of course, but four main areas—sustainability as a part of strategy, breadth of vision, depth of […]

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