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Zombies in Sustainabilityland

During the dark winter days, we at iSpring look forward to the release of a couple of reports that evaluate last year’s progress around business sustainability.  We realize this is a little geeky, but it’s kind of our thing, you know?  Since our immediate view is somewhat limited to the clients we see throughout the […]

Does Sustainability Have a Branding Problem?

Earlier this month, this article from GreenBiz wandered through our Twitter feed.  The author talks about how there’s a common observation that every organization has its own definition of “sustainability.”  The author goes on to suggest that perhaps it’s not that they are different definitions but rather different perspectives on the same idea, and maybe […]

A New Year, A New Standard

The new year brings us a new standard for certifying and measuring the sustainability of manufacturing organizations.  Released in early December by the venerable Underwriters Laboratories and GreenBiz, the new standard, UL 880: Sustainability for Manufacturing Organizations, is the culmination of the past several years’ worth of work in developing a comprehensive and verifiable standard […]

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