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How Shadow Pricing Can Improve the Outlook for Sustainability Projects

Suppose you have a project that you’d like to undertake that, based on standard cost/benefit analysis, doesn’t quite meet the payback period that your company requires. However, you know that in addition to the easily quantifiable benefits of the project there is one more, less obvious, benefit. The completed project will reduce the company’s carbon […]

iSpring Identifies $68K in Annual Water Conservation Opportunities at Bimbo Bakeries Plant

iSpring is pleased to announce the completion of an important water conservation project with Bimbo Bakeries USA (BBU).  The project, conducted in collaboration with the Enterprise Systems Center of Lehigh University, focused on opportunities for water conservation at a cake plant.  BBU is the largest bakery company in the United States, producing brands such as […]

Beyond a Buzzword: The Future of Sustainability

At a meeting last week, one of the other meeting attendees stated that he didn’t believe that the concept of sustainability was going to have staying power in the business world.  He just didn’t see it as something that resonates with company executives and drives them towards change. Initially, we were surprised that someone could […]

Emerging Sustainability Metrics – Water Footprinting

We all know that water is one of the fundamental requirements for life, but increasingly, industry is realizing that water is also one of the fundamental requirements for staying in business. According to a report by the 2030 Water Resources Group, global water requirements in 20 years will be “a full 40% above the current […]

How Green Is Your Grass?

Perhaps the color is a lovely shade of grass green, but from both an economic and environmental perspective, just how green is all that manicured lawn out there? The answer is: not very. In the last few years interest in native grasses and their use in corporate environments has been driven by two complementary sets […]

Why Your Company Should Care About Peak Water

After energy, water may be the next big battleground. By now, most are familiar with the concept of peak oil,—running out of cheap oil—but peak water—running out of cheap water—should be a concern to businesses of all sizes throughout the U.S. To make matters more complicated, as more municipalities get on board with the concept […]

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