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When Farmville Meets Sustainability: What If It’s Just a Game?

Sometimes the carrot is mightier than the stick.  And when we’re talking about sustainability, that might just be the case.  In the last couple of years, gamification—the use of game design, game thinking and game mechanics to make regular activities rewarding and promote certain behaviors—has taken off in the world of marketing.  Driven by the […]

Trend Watch: Materiality and Sustainability

Materiality is a term that is popping up more often these days in discussions of sustainability, particularly as it relates to reporting.  We thought we’d take a look at the concept of materiality in sustainability this month and see what the implications are for companies that are trying to find better ways to measure and […]

Trend Watch: Building Energy Benchmarking and Disclosure

It’s no secret that buildings are energy-hungry beasts.  They account for 40% of our total energy use in the U.S., making it pretty obvious that if we want to be serious about energy efficiency, we need to tackle our building stock.  According to the Department of Energy, our building energy consumption was 48% higher in […]

Emerging Sustainability Metrics – Water Footprinting

We all know that water is one of the fundamental requirements for life, but increasingly, industry is realizing that water is also one of the fundamental requirements for staying in business. According to a report by the 2030 Water Resources Group, global water requirements in 20 years will be “a full 40% above the current […]

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