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Emerging Sustainability Metrics – Water Footprinting

We all know that water is one of the fundamental requirements for life, but increasingly, industry is realizing that water is also one of the fundamental requirements for staying in business. According to a report by the 2030 Water Resources Group, global water requirements in 20 years will be “a full 40% above the current […]

The Sustainability Gap: Embracers vs. Cautious Adopters

A clear gap has emerged between companies that embrace sustainability and integrate it into their overall business strategy (the “embracers”) and companies that integrate sustainability only on a limited basis by focusing on individual, short-term activities such as resource efficiency (the “cautious adopters”). That’s the main finding of a study released this winter by the […]

What is a Baseline Sustainability Assessment?

One of the tools iSpring uses to discover cost savings opportunities is a baseline sustainability assessment. What is it and why do we find it such a valuable tool? Let’s look at the second half of the question first. Reason #1: We believe that a systems approach is the most effective approach to identifying sustainability […]

Beyond LEED: The Road to Sustainability

As the wild west of sustainability is still working to develop a standardized system for certifying where an organization falls on the path from environmental enemy to sustainability king, it’s no surprise that LEED certification has become the de facto benchmark for many companies to showcase that they are, in fact, sustainable. LEED-certified buildings are […]

Baby, It’s Cold Inside: Heat Recovery and Its Energy-Saving Implications

Statement of the obvious: It takes a lot of energy to heat something up by hundreds of degrees in a relatively short period of time. The U.S. Department of Energy states that heating processes use about 5.2 quadrillion BTUs energy annually, which equals nearly 17 percent of all industrial energy use. In many industrial applications, […]

The Flea Market Principle of Sustainability

This month, let’s consider the flea market principle of sustainability. That’s the concept that says your trash may be someone else’s treasure. There are plenty of examples in the consumer market: paper made out of recycled waste paper, hats made out of used plastic bottles, handbags made out of thrown-away Capri Sun containers. With some […]

Mapping Your Electrons: The Path to Smart Energy Conservation

Here’s a question for you—try to answer truthfully. Do you know how energy flows through your facility? We’re not just talking high-level here. Can you quantify just how much energy is being used by the myriad of energy-consuming devices in your facility? And if you run a manufacturing plant, can you quantify how much energy […]

Sustainable Manufacturing: The New Competitive Advantage

One of the fastest growing areas of interest in the field of sustainability is sustainable manufacturing. Let’s look at what sustainable manufacturing is, how it can reduce costs and improve your competitive advantage. As manufacturers have developed an increased awareness of the limits of natural resources, they have begun to realize that if they inefficiently […]

What Is An Energy Audit and Why Do I Need One?

With the dramatic jump in PPL electricity rates on January 1, 2010, and the pending PECO increases on January 1, 2011, savvy business owners are investigating energy audits for their businesses. But what exactly are energy audits, what can they accomplish and what should you look for in having one done? Energy audits are one […]

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