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Tomato Skins to Storage Bins: Ford Gives Us a Lesson in Unlikely Partnerships

Several years ago, we wrote about the flea market principle of sustainability, where one company’s trash becomes another company’s treasure.  When we worked at Kraft Foods, we saw this principle first-hand, with an enormous amount of their waste, especially food waste and cardboard, being reused by partner organizations, often with financial benefit to Kraft. It’s […]

The Silent Green Revolution at the Department of Energy

The world’s most powerful lithium-ion battery that could drop the cost of the Chevy Volt by $5,000.  A new method of making silicon wafers that would reduce the cost of solar panels by a third.  A 260-ton generator positioned in the Pacific Ocean to capture the renewable energy in waves and power 1000 homes.  These […]

iSpring and Lehigh University’s Enterprise Systems Center Featured in The Morning Call

iSpring was featured on March 11, 2012 in The Morning Call‘s Outlook section.  The article profiled the company and its work in the energy efficiency and conservation arenas, specifically for manufacturers.  You can read the full profile here. Additionally, the Enterprise Systems Center (ESC) at Lehigh University was profiled in the business section of the […]

Profiting from Sustainability: The New Harvesters

A new group of organizations are coming into view, a group that says they’re profiting from their sustainability initiatives.  This group, called “Harvesters,” sets itself apart from other companies by fundamentally changing its strategy and operational framework to incorporate sustainability, and they are the focus of this year’s report, Sustainability Nears a Tipping Point, by […]

A New Year, A New Standard

The new year brings us a new standard for certifying and measuring the sustainability of manufacturing organizations.  Released in early December by the venerable Underwriters Laboratories and GreenBiz, the new standard, UL 880: Sustainability for Manufacturing Organizations, is the culmination of the past several years’ worth of work in developing a comprehensive and verifiable standard […]

iSpring Identifies $68K in Annual Water Conservation Opportunities at Bimbo Bakeries Plant

iSpring is pleased to announce the completion of an important water conservation project with Bimbo Bakeries USA (BBU).  The project, conducted in collaboration with the Enterprise Systems Center of Lehigh University, focused on opportunities for water conservation at a cake plant.  BBU is the largest bakery company in the United States, producing brands such as […]

Getting to Zero Waste: More Than Materials

Truth be told, almost everyone sees the value in eliminating waste.  As the late Ray Anderson puts it in his book, Confessions of a Radical Industrialist, “No CEO likes the idea of leaving profits on the factory floor.  No facilities manager wants to toss good money into the Dumpster…Cutting waste is the first place where […]

Beyond a Buzzword: The Future of Sustainability

At a meeting last week, one of the other meeting attendees stated that he didn’t believe that the concept of sustainability was going to have staying power in the business world.  He just didn’t see it as something that resonates with company executives and drives them towards change. Initially, we were surprised that someone could […]

iSpring Presents at Energypath 2011

iSpring principals Andrea and Samantha Wittchen presented at this year’s Energypath Conference on June 30th, which was run by the Sustainable Energy Fund and hosted by DeSales University. They spoke as part of the Sustainable Manufacturing track with Robert “Gus” Gustafson of Lehigh University’s Enterprise Systems Center. Andrea presented a case study of last summer’s baseline […]

Why Carbon Footprint Matters

Recently a client asked for our assistance in expanding his company’s sustainability measurement tool to create a true measure of carbon footprint for the company’s international operations.   That got us thinking about why a company would invest in a carbon footprint measurement.  What’s the business value of knowing your carbon footprint? Let’s start with some […]

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