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Why the Obvious Solution Isn’t Always the Best When It Comes to Sustainability

Recently an article appeared in The Morning Call that seemed surprising and a bit disheartening.  The Wegmans supermarket located in Allentown, PA, has opened a new Market Café with seating capacity for 240 that allows recycling of cups but not of the utensils and the plastic clamshells in which the food is packaged.  In fact, […]

The Planet’s Carbon Odometer Turned Over 400. What Now?

Last week, the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA) released the data that we’ve hit carbon dioxide levels of 400 parts per million (PPM) in our atmosphere.  This, in turn, sparked a media flurry of hand-wringing over how we’re failing to combat climate change, and we continue to be on a collision course with “the […]

Materiality Matters: How Emerging Sustainability Standards Could Drive Financial Performance

Conventional wisdom has held that sustainability investments require trade-offs in a company’s financial performance.  This has often been true as long as companies have taken a project-based approach to sustainability, blindly throwing money at renewable energy or waste reduction or carbon-cutting projects with little or no connection to an overall strategy.  These projects, while they […]

Two New Reports Shed Light on Sustainability-Based Innovation and the Future of Sustainability

Earlier this month, two annual reports were released that both address the role sustainability is playing in business.  This year’s report from MIT’s Sloan School of Business and Boston Consulting Group focuses on the emergence of what they call “Sustainability-Driven Innovators,” those companies that profit from their sustainability initiatives by changing their business model.  This […]

Does Sustainability Have a Branding Problem?

Earlier this month, this article from GreenBiz wandered through our Twitter feed.  The author talks about how there’s a common observation that every organization has its own definition of “sustainability.”  The author goes on to suggest that perhaps it’s not that they are different definitions but rather different perspectives on the same idea, and maybe […]

Green Performance Strategies Featured on the Cover of Lehigh Valley Business

Green Performance Strategies, the joint venture of iSpring and Compass Point that focuses on sustainability metrics, performance and reporting, is featured on the front page of this week’s Lehigh Valley Business. The article highlights the growing importance of measuring all three capital components of a business–financial, human and natural–and using those metrics to drive performance […]

Why The Arts Should Care About Sustainability

Even before the recession, arts organizations were dealing with the challenges of rising costs and shrinking budgets.  They were searching for ways to do more with less and plan for a future where the flow of grants and donations is uncertain.  So it should come as no surprise that a number of these organizations have […]

Green Performance Strategies Delivers First Success in the Healthcare Community

We are very pleased to announce that Green Performance Strategies has delivered its first successful project. GPS worked with the Dorothy Rider Pool Health Care Trust and the Health Care Council of the Lehigh Valley to release its first report, The Road to Health: Community Health Profile, the first step in the development of a comprehensive Community Health Needs […]

The Silent Green Revolution at the Department of Energy

The world’s most powerful lithium-ion battery that could drop the cost of the Chevy Volt by $5,000.  A new method of making silicon wafers that would reduce the cost of solar panels by a third.  A 260-ton generator positioned in the Pacific Ocean to capture the renewable energy in waves and power 1000 homes.  These […]

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