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Two New Reports Shed Light on Sustainability-Based Innovation and the Future of Sustainability

State of Green Business 2013 CoverEarlier this month, two annual reports were released that both address the role sustainability is playing in business.  This year’s report from MIT’s Sloan School of Business and Boston Consulting Group focuses on the emergence of what they call “Sustainability-Driven Innovators,” those companies that profit from their sustainability initiatives by changing their business model.  This business model innovation examines the choices a company is making about its value proposition–what it’s offering and to whom–and how it adapts cost models and leverages its value chain to deliver on the proposition.  The Sustainability-Driven Innovators see sustainability not as a cost issue but as an opportunity to build competitive advantage.

The second report, The State of Green Business, from GreenBiz Group, zeros in on key sustainability trends for 2013.  Chief among those trends is the increasing use of technology and data to drive sustainability.  Be it the expanding popularity of machine-to-machine-based systems, the growing number of sustainability apps, or the rise of integrated reporting, it’s clear that the future of sustainability is based on the numbers.  The report goes on to talk about how companies are reaching beyond the last half-decade’s goal of “doing less bad” and setting bold new goals that will ensure company viability into the future.

You can download the MIT Sloan/BCG report here and the State of Green Business here. We’ll be discussing each of these reports more in depth in a future Buzz post, so keep your eyes peeled.

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