The Sustainability Buzz

iSpring Presents at Energypath 2011

iSpring principals Andrea and Samantha Wittchen presented at this year’s Energypath Conference on June 30th, which was run by the Sustainable Energy Fund and hosted by DeSales University. They spoke as part of the Sustainable Manufacturing track with Robert “Gus” Gustafson of Lehigh University’s Enterprise Systems Center.

Andrea presented a case study of last summer’s baseline sustainability project with Kraft Foods, and Samantha gave an overview of the future of sustainable manufacturing, focusing on the topics of water and new sustainability standards, such as the forthcoming ULE 880 standard. Additionally, Andrea presented with Deana Zosky on the newly-created Lehigh Valley Sustainability Network about how it was conceived and how it plans to become a platform for more effective means of collaboration and communication among the members of the vibrant Lehigh Valley sustainability community.

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