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How Incentive Programs Can Offset Your Rising Energy Costs

Tree in light bulbFor those of you who are PPL customers, how did you like that last electric bill your company received? Something of a shock, perhaps? The rate cap for electricity generation expired on January 1, 2010, for all customers of PPL, and prices zoomed up 20 – 40%. And we’re betting for that much extra electrical cost, the coffee you brewed didn’t taste any better.

Now would be an excellent time to consider doing an energy assessment on your facility. There are probably dozens of ways you could reduce that energy cost in your monthly expenses. iSpring can help you find those ways and, thanks to the mandate in Act 129 passed by the Pennsylvania legislature, PPL will help you pay for the improvements.

Act 129 mandated that all Pennsylvania electric distribution companies create a plan to cost-effectively reduce electricity consumption and peak demand on their systems. The electricity reductions must be realized by 2013. PPL’s “Energy Efficiency and Conservation Plan” provides incentives for businesses of all sizes to implement cost-saving energy improvements.

Under PPL’s Efficient Equipment program, an extensive list of business items qualify for rebates, including appliances, insulation, HVAC equipment, motors, refrigeration, water heating, lighting and controls. Upgrading to more efficient equipment alone will save you money. These rebates make the payback period even shorter.

Even more enticing is PPL’s Commercial and Industrial Custom Incentive Program. The program is designed to encourage equipment repairs and optimization and operational or process changes that reduce electricity consumption and peak demand and to encourage a “whole facility” approach to energy-efficiency. Companies undertaking such a project can apply for reimbursement of 50% of the cost of the technical study to identify possible savings. If the company then proceeds with the identified energy-saving improvements, they can then expect additional reimbursement from PPL based on the actual realized savings – up to 100% of the cost of the technical study with a cap of $100,000.

These programs, coupled with January’s price increases, make “NOW” the right time to look at your firm’s energy expenditures. iSpring can get you started with our iSpring GREEN program. Our integrated approach to sustainability assessment means you’ll get the biggest payback for your investment. And now, PPL’s made it more cost-effective.

And remember: if you happen to be a PECO customer, these increases will start affecting you on January 1, 2011. The incentives that PECO is offering under Act 129 are different from PPL, and iSpring can help you navigate PECO’s plan. Why not start planning now for the inevitable?

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